Awakening & Understanding Your Intuition

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* You will learn the responsibilities of using your intuition for yourself and others *
 Discover exactly what your intuition is and how to tune into it *
 Overcome the fears and anxieties surrounding your abilities * 
Appreciate and accept your intuitive and psychic abilities * 
Explore your Clair senses: What they are, how to use them, and the ways in which you can practice to grow these senses * Learn to interpret & express your intuition * 
Practice & expand your abilities in a variety of exercises * 
Learn to ground yourself while raising your vibration * 
Explore your Chakras and learn to balance them * 
Discover your personal rituals * 
Uncover an understanding of what is to come next for you on your spiritual journey * 
Prepare to take your intuition out into the world

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Cathleen Groteluschen
Cathleen Groteluschen



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