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5 Fun Ways to Start Expanding Your Intuition Today

1. When your phone rings before looking at it try and envision who is on the other line. Is this person a male or a female? Is it someone that you know calling? Ask yourself at the sound of the ring, who is it that is calling me? When you feel centered in your answer, look at your phone and see if you are right! You can do this exact thing when someone is knocking at your door, as well. So simple to do but a great way to start practicing!

2. Before you meet up with your friend or family member, take a moment and think about them. Try asking yourself what is that person going to be wearing today? What kind of mood might my friend be in today? What information or gossip will they share with me today? When you arrive to meet up see how many of your intuitive thoughts are actually true. Make sure you let them share with you naturally and respectively, never push someone for information that they may not be ready to share with you.

3. Expand your intuition with flash cards. Simply, lay a deck out of your choosing in front of you and try to intuitively sense what is on the card in front of you. Pick up as much detail about that card as you can. When you feel centered in your answers, flip the card over and reveal. No worries if you get it wrong. This takes time, practice, and is all in good fun. When you get something right, say thank you to your intuition, respectively. When we show gratitude and appreciation, we grow.

4. Get together with a friend and ask your friend to let you hold onto a special object of theirs. Ask your friend not to share any information about that object with you. When you hold that object in your hands ask yourself some questions. What meaning does this object hold for my friend. Was this given as a gift? Who gave this to my friend? Where did this object come from? What is the history behind this item? Ect.... When you have received all the information that you can, ask your friend to share with you.

5. Lastly, try predicting tomorrows forecast. Write down your prediction in your journal and then tomorrow compare your results with that of the weather mans. How did you do? Want to do more predictions, try doing the forecast for the entire week.

Have fun with your intuition, everyone is equipped with this amazing tool. The world is your playground and there are so many ways that we can grow and expand our intuition!

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I can't wait to see you there!

Cathleen xx

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