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Affirmations for your Spiritual Practice

Below you will find a list of spiritual affirmations. Keep them close to your heart as you go on to practice your intuitive abilities or mediumship. Affirmations help to align your souls emotional and physical states of being.

Pave the way for your spiritual success by living from a high vibrational state. The power of an affirmation is in your ability to know its truth with your whole heart. You are connected to the divine. Believe it!!!

I am a light-worker sought by those who need me

I am full of divine wisdom

Nothing separates me from the spiritual world

I am of service to others

I am connected to all living things

My trust is in God

I am a spiritual being having a human experience

I am grateful for all that I have

I am an intuitive

I am a spiritual medium

I am an enlightened soul

I am aligned with my souls purpose

Love flows through me

I inspire others

I live my life with empathy & compassion

My words are a comfort to others

I heal with my spiritual connections

I speak only my truth

I have no spiritual blocks

Everything I do is for the highest of good

I am loved unconditionally

My soul is pure

Love is always the answer

My hardships have shaped me to better help others

I am a vessel for spirit

My soul is at peace

I am a part of the divine

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