An Authentic Psychic

You know by now that you can’t trust everybody. Too many people out there are trying to cash into what we are all equipped with. You heard me correctly, you are gifted, your son was born an intuitive, and your husband can talk to your dead grandmother. (Well if he wanted too)

Sometimes you just want a little reassurance for yourself, though it is not your cup of tea to go exploring in psychic awareness or utilizing your abilities for you personally. That is perfectly okay!

If you are someone who wants to seek out guidance but you are not looking to be the next John Edwards, Sylvia Browne, or Long Island Medium it’s okay we all need it from time to time. Let me help you out. You will want to look for an authentic psychic or intuitive.

An Authentic Psychic

  • Authentic psychics have reviews. The reviews will be personal to that of the client. They are typically very kind, loving, and appreciative.

  • Authentic psychics work for the highest good of their client. You will leave better off then when you came through the door.

  • Authentic psychics will never push or force you to purchase more. When you book your reading you agree upon the service in which you are booking. You should hang up the phone knowing what time your appointment is, how long it will last, and what the charge will be for that service.

  • Authentic psychics do not know everything about everything. If you go to a psychic and they tell you that they are also an astrologer, numerologist, psychologist, healer, and they practice shamanism you might want to run. I would be eerie to book with someone who claims to know it all. Sure people who have spiritual interests do branch out into different fields but typically not more than a few. We can’t possibly be great at everything.

  • Authentic psychics who work beneath a companies structure will have company credentials. If you do a quick google search of ‘psychics’ hundreds of hotlines are going to pop up. Do your research of those companies. If it is a well trusted company with good credentials you are likely in good hands. The top hotlines have very rigorous hiring processes not just anyone can work for them. The psychic or medium must prove themselves throughout the interview process by giving relatable readings.

  • Authentic psychics do most of the talking during a reading. You have come to seek guidance so less is more from you. First off a good psychic wants you to keep quiet. A psychic or medium works with their senses. When we start overloading those senses with chatter and other information it becomes harder to listen in and connect. If there is something in particular you are looking for guidance on and your psychic hasn’t got to that on their own; state as a matter of fact what you seek and then be a good listener. Example: “Yesterday, I lost my dog from my yard. Please, can you tell me anything?”

  • Authentic psychics do not wish ill will. If you are seeking out a psychic or a medium and they are trying to right a wrong, walk away. Energy is the real deal and no matter who you are it is not ever our place to wish ill will on a person, place, or thing.

  • Authentic psychics do not work with dark energies or that of curses. A true psychic, medium, or healer works from a place of light and love. When you do light work it could never be that of evil.

  • Authentic psychics do not arrange love affairs, career placements, or do they deliver babies. (I have seen & heard many things) As humans we all have free will. In short a psychic or medium can tell you what it is they perceive but they cannot make it happen for you. A psychic can give you a prediction of boy or girl though they have no business giving you a health diagnosis. Your health is important and advice on it should only come from a professional in the medical field. An authentic psychic shares what they receive through their senses on your behalf but they never take action for you. Again, any prediction made is just that of a possibility.

  • An authentic psychic keeps personal beliefs and religion close to their heart only. A professional psychic will keep their beliefs to themselves while working. It is not his or her job to convince you of a particular religion or belief system. Some may be willing to share with you upon you honestly asking. However, what is true and right for them may not align with what is true and right for you. It is unprofessional to carry on a spiritual debate during a booked session and each person is inclined to their own beliefs. Some psychics may decline to answer any questions on the topic as it just may be too personal.


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