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Are you in need of a message?

No matter your current circumstance, we all are deserving of a healing spiritual message from time to time. This is your little reminder that we are not here doing this life alone. Instead, you have a spiritual team standing right there behind you and they want more than anything for you to engage with them.

If you have been feeling disconnected from the world around you, know this, you have not landed right here in this moment by accident. These are tough times we are all in, busy times, and stressful times. Each of us could use a little reassurance, guidance, message, or a pick me up.

Our lives feel a bit easier when we start to acknowledge that we really are a big deal. We are not just another face amongst the trillions of faces. We have great purpose here and we are each individual, unique, and important.

It is easy to forget just how connected you really are when everything around you is spinning busy, busy, busy. That is normal and you are human so do not beat yourself up or get distraught. However, from time to time check in with your spiritual team. Your team loves to be acknowledged and they are here to help you through this life on your good days and on your bad days.

If today you are in need of a little message, a pick me up, a spiritual hug, or you just want to feel connected; try asking for a musical message. It is one of my personal favorite ways to check in and communicate, getting some quick guidance or even a refill of the cup.

A musical message is as simple as it sounds. It is a message from your spiritual team that is in the form of song. As you know, music is powerful, healing, soulful, and connects with each of us in personal ways. We can hear the same song but for both of us it will hold completely different meanings.

To ask and receive your song from your spiritual team, allow yourself some quiet time. Pick a place where you can sit without being interrupted. Give yourself atleast ten to twenty minutes. Find a place where you can sit comfortably and if you’d like to dim the lights or light a candle to set the mood, please do so.

Next, take some calming and centering breaths, let go of the stresses, and tensions that have a hold within your body. Instead, focus in on the intention to receive a song from your spiritual team. When you feel centered with your breath and you are in a state of relaxation ask your spiritual team to step forward at this time. You may or may not feel different after asking, however, it is possible that you may feel a presence in the room with you or a sensation that may reside at your third eye or your crown chakra. Wether or not you feel your team present trust that they are indeed with you.

Simply, say out loud or within yourself, your intention. “Dear spirit, please hear me, please help me, please help me to connect with you and receive your loving guideance with a musical message today. If you would please give to me a song that will help me here in my time of need.” Now you can add to this little prayer, go in more depth, or keep it simple and sweet. When we set our intention to connect, we will connect. After you have clearly stated what it is that you are looking for you must sit and listen.

When we listen, we listen within ourselves. So as you sit pay attention to any beats that you start to feel, any tunes that start to come through, any words that are coming to your mind. If you are clairaudient you may hear a song within your mind start to play out. Be patient, still, and just listen. It may happen almost immediately after you have requested or it could take a few minutes. Some who try this and are very artistic may feel the need to grab a pen and paper feeling guided to write or doodle as they listen within.

Don’t force it. Also, do not dismiss it. If spirit starts giving you a song say, Somewhere Over The Rainbow and you go well I just heard that play an hour ago so that can’t be it… Knock…Knock…Knock… who do you think has been trying to get your attention all along? You may also receive a song that you do not recognize so get as many of the words as you can or the tune, then head over to google to search for your song.

This is often times a very touching, emotional, and heartfelt experience. Make sure to always thank your spiritual team after you have made the connection and received the song. We are all connected but we don’t ever want to take anything for granted. Repeat this exercise whenever you are in need.


Please share your experiences with this exercise below. We would all love to hear about your song and what it meant to you, if you would be willing to share. Blessings xx

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