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Flowers From Heaven

“But no one has ever gifted me roses”

One of my favorite readings of all time to share with people is a story that ends with roses.

Years ago I ran a spiritual site that people could come on and share their losses with the group, grief, and unite in all things spiritual. I would circle around the site occassionaly and offer those men and women in the group free readings. Giving to others in this way made my heart so happy and filled a longing within my soul.

One day, on my site, I crossed paths with an older women who had lost her best friend. This womens heart was heavy in grief and she was longing for something; anything to help her ease the pain of her significant loss. She shared with me her fear of the unknown and begged for me to help heal her broken heart. The thought of her friend just disappearing from this earth forever was not something she could bare, her faith was shattered, and she was scared.

I have learned over the years of working with spirit that we do not always know what it is that we need when we go seeking a reading. Often times a client will come to a reading with expectations and even demands of exactlly how they want things to go. However, though each circumstance is so diffrent then another; it is spirit who seems to always know exactly what is needed. It has taken a lot of experience to believe whole heartedly, have faith, and trust in that. Though I do now, I really do…

When this women pleaded with me for some help; I knew without a doubt that spirit had lead her right to me. I was needed as the messenger. I cleared my schedule that afternoon and turned to the other-side to see if I could connect with her dear friend.

We didn’t have to wait long and her friend was right in my ear. Sharing with me that she was ever present in her friends life, she was healthy, and whole on the other-side. I spent the next couple of hours sharing with each of them. The energy was starting to shift within the client, she was lighter, and looked to be filling with peace. I must say, she looked to me as if she just found new hope for herself.

The reading was coming to a close; spirit assured her friend that she would always be near. As I started to wrap up this beautiful reuniting spirit asked that I share with her an image. The image was of a beautiful bouquet of deep red colored roses, with this image spirit declares; “these roses are not only for the friendship we shared but for your upcoming birthday this week.” “I want you to know that I take full responsibility for these flowers.”

Out of all the things I shared with this lovely women that day; it was that one statement that I shared that left her now questioning everything. Although, I like a good challenge every now and then. I certainly don’t care for it when doing this work. As you can likely imagine. So the women turns to me and she says, “but no one has ever gifted me roses in my entire life.”

Stunned. So I take a big gulp, now sweating, I never want to put someone in a position of disbelief. So simply put this wasn’t anything I had any control of. I always say what spirit shares. It is not my place to make sense of it, they share it, and I say it. This work is not about me. I am just the messenger. That entire spiel right there is exactly what I shared with the women. We must always fall back on our faith and on our trust.

Spirit will not steer us wrong. Why would they have too, right? What would be the point?

I go on to wrap things up. I leave her with the image of spirit handing her this big beautiful bouquet of red roses and asking to take the full credit for them. We say our goodbyes, she sends her love to her dear friend, and she thanks me for the beautiful reading. She will have a think on the flowers she tells me.

Late the next evening I get an email from the women I had read for the previous day. She wants to tell me all about her exciting day. Not only was it her birthday but earlier in the day she received the most magnificent boquet of beautiful deep red colored roses. “I knew exactly who these were from the minute I seen them, she says. I am still in shock. How did she do it all the way from heaven?”

Spirit is amazing.

Even though we might have a different means of receiving something does not mean we should discount it, think it is not for real, or take it for granted. If we did we would miss out on all that love. We would miss the hellos, signs, and hugs from heaven. Instead we must embrace it and remember to say ‘thank you’ for when we acknowledge it the more we will experience it.

Blessings xx

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