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Death is NOT the Souls Goodbye

Death is not the souls goodbye. Instead death is just the shedding of the physical body. Our loved ones are still in reach. When we can start to grasp this concept realizing that it is a change of ones soul back to its original form, we can begin to let go of our fears. We can celebrate ones life lived more freely. Sure your loved one will not be here to drive you to the movies, wrap their arms around you ever so tightly, or make you a cup of soup when your feeling blue. However, I ask that you walk this journey with me seeing all the possibilities and ways that they are still present. Allow yourself to let your guards and walls down. Over time it is possible that you may have gathered your beliefs from the belief systems of others. Seek out your very own truths and beliefs, you are so deserving of that. Also life is too short to live under someone else’s way of thinking. Your loved ones are still here advising you, celebrating with you, and loving you all of your days. It is time to go ahead and let them in.

If it has been a week, a few months, or even thirty years it is not too late for you to connect. Do you have a relationship that needs to be mended but you were separated by death? Listen to me it is not too late. Were things left unsaid? It is not too late. No matter how long the person has been gone, it is not too late. Contacting your loved one or opening yourself up to them has no boundaries of how the person died or how long ago it may have been.

People will tell me, "well my father has been gone forty-five years now, so that couldn’t have been him that sent me such and such sign". Yawn, I hear you, but it was him. Listen to me if your favorite song that you and dad shared came up on the car radio as you were driving home from visiting him at the cemetery, you think of him then look over to see the singers tour bus right beside you, please pay attention. Spirit worked extremely hard for you, showing you that they are with you in that moment and honestly probably many moments leading up to that one. Try saying thank you instead of brushing it off. When we say thank you it gives spirit a hug, it tells them you hear them, and you appreciate them. Now they know you are open to receiving more.

If this is your first time seeking to connect with your loved one, let them know you are now open for business. It is okay to take some baby steps towards this possibility, no need to rush. Start by asking your loved one to be present in your life, invite them in for the party. Let me help you with a simple little prayer to get you started.

Dear ________, I welcome you to join me here at this time in my life. I want to let you know that I am opening myself to receiving your love, support, and guidance. My door is now open for you. Please help me to feel your presence, see your signs, and experience your devotion. Thank you for taking this opportunity with me to further grow our relationship. I look forward to hearing from you. All my love and blessings. Amen.

This is a small step in opening yourself and tuning in sort of speak to your loved one. Following your prayer, look for the signs, they may come in many different forms. You may take notice of a feeling that you get when you were in meditation. Maybe your loved one comes for a visit in your dreams. They may reach you by music, a movie, or even through another person. You could always get a sign from spirit through a communication with their favorite animal, an unexpected feather, or even the car in front of yours license plate sitting in a traffic jam. Spirit could reach out to you with one of their old pranks, a smell of perfume, or a picture that falls over unexpectedly. Whatever sign that they give to you, be sure to acknowledge it. Remember to always say thank you, as spirit works hard to get it to you in divine timing.

Remember always that you are connected to your loved ones in spirit, directly, and above all others. Wether they are a friend, relative, or spouse you hold the channel within you to reach them. With that being said, if you get stuck you can always reach out to a medium to help you build the bridge of your connection. Spiritual mediums can help you confirm things you may have been feeling or even denying.

Another way in which you can reach out to your loved ones is through meditation. Allow yourself to let go of any expectations you hold concerning meditation. When meditating go in for the experience without a ton of pressure upon yourself, whatever comes to you just honor it. In time you will begin to trust each of your experiences. Below I have written a little mediation for you to try if you would like. You can also find meditations in similarity that are spoken on YouTube and many other applications.


Start by taking a few deep breaths in a place that you can allow full relaxation. A lightly lit room would be acceptable. Light some candles if it helps you to relax. You could also burn some sage, cedar, or incense. Sit or lay down in a position that will not put you to sleep but where you can be comfortable.

I want you to visualize yourself walking upon a path. This path may take any form that you wish it to take but it is within a deep green forest.

As you bring the forest into focus, you observe it, seeing it extend downward off into the distance. Walk further within the deep greens of the forest.

Let yourself take note of all the scents surrounding you. Look at all the beauty of the trees. Notice all the colors within the plants and flowers. Visualize yourself approaching the descended area of the forest. Go ahead and let yourself start walking downward on that path.

As you continue your journey listen for the sounds of the birds and animals around you. Notice which animals are close to you or on your path. Keep letting yourself take the path downwards, descending down, down, down into the deep green forest.

Up ahead I want you to notice an opening, the sun is shinning through the trees there is a clearing and it's illuminating a stone bridge ahead of you. There is a calming blue water beneath the bridge, it is just beautiful! As you look across the bridge there is some stone steps the light is pouring down from the sun casting over those steps, as well.

You want to walk across the bridge, so you do. As you start to cross the bridge you feel calm, at peace, and full of love.

You have crossed the bridge now so you start to climb the stone steps. When you reach the top you take notice of all the beauty surrounding you, the vibrancy of the pasture, and the flowers. There are hedges on both side of you now meeting up with your path and filled with a beautiful fragrance. It is captivating. As the hedges direct you down your path you notice it is leading you to a bench. The bench is sitting amongst a circular bed of flowers. You are feeling so calm and so much at peace. You belong here and you are loved. Walk to the bench and curb your longing to sit on it. As you sit down you take a deep breath, you are feeling comfortable and relaxed. As you sit amongst the silence, spirit starts to near you. Invite them to sit next to you; welcoming them to your space. Ask them to come closer if you feel there is any distance.

Now just sit here with them on your bench taking in all that you can feel, hear, and see. Try not to force anything or judge it. You may want to ask questions or you may just want to sit and observe. Whatever comes natural to you is what is meant to be.

Sit for as long as what feels right to you.

When you have finished sitting with spirit thank them for coming and sharing with you. Invite them back to do this with you again, another day. When spirit has left it is time to walk your path back to where you started. I want you to walk back through the hedged path, down the stone steps, and over the stone bridge. Say goodbye to all the beautiful animals, plants, and flowers you met along the way. Make your way back through the forest but know that you can return any time that feels right to you. As you take this journey back, you have become more and more aware of your surroundings. Remember to be grateful for the experience, no matter what that was for you. You are feeling refreshed. You have now left the forest filled with spirits love.

Any experiences that you had during your meditation go ahead and honor that, even if its not what you were hoping for. Sometimes it takes a person several sessions before they have something remarkable to note. Just know that it will all happen as it is supposed too, in divine timing. You may want to start a journal of your meditation experiences. Journaling is one of my favorite tools, especially if you had conversations with spirit that you don’t ever want to forget. Maybe even you experienced certain types of plants or animals that held specific meaning to you on your path.

One of my personal favorite ways to connect with a loved one is through the writing of letters. In fact in my newest project book I will be sharing some of my letters of communication across the two worlds. This is something that has been happening for centuries and centuries; much longer than we even know. Though many don’t think to practice it for themselves. Take a moment and imagine how healing it could be for you if you received a letter from your brother across the veil. Right? So there is a few ways to go about it but it is always important to figure out what way works best for you. Something too consider is spirits ability to communicate. Not necessarily will spirit be a good communicator in the afterlife if they were not one in the living. Though it could go the other way and truly surprise you.

So a few ways that you may want to consider. If writing is not your thing you can always hire a medium who does channel work. This would be someone who will start with their personal connecting rituals, ask your loved one to step forward, and then channel that communication in a form of a letter for you. Another option would be for you to skip the mediator and find yourself a beautiful journal. Start by setting up a designated time and uninterrupted space for your writing to occur. Next start a writing ritual, maybe this would look like for you lighting a candle, praying, or meditating. You might save a particular pen for this experience. Let this be yours and spirits time together. Some choose to write a letter to spirit first and wait a couple days. A few days later they come back to channel their letter from spirit to themselves. If you do it this way you will not want to read your own letter first, instead wait until after the letter from spirit is complete and then you can go back comparing the two letters. This can be so healing if you have a relationship that needs mending, things that were left unsaid, or you need to share your grief. If you choose not to write to spirit first that is fine too, see what come in for you. Set up your writing ritual and then let the words just enter your space, taking form on your paper and gaining their power. Everything that comes to you do not judge it, let it flow. Never stop to think about what you are receiving. Write it all down as quickly as it comes until there are no more words to write.

The last exercise I will share with you for now that you could try is an old fashioned conversation. Though in this conversation it will be a little different as you are going to play both parts. One way to try this is to sit in a chair addressing your loved one in spirit. Share with them anything you choose. Do you want to address things that hurt you, concern you, or sorrows that you are having. Let it all out and into the open. When everything is out that you needed and wanted to say it becomes spirits turn.

Switch chairs, now addresing yourself as if you were spirit. You are now changing your perspective to that of theirs. You can also do this exercise as a psychic conversation. So do the same things as mentioned above but you can do them within yourself. Create a sacred space in your third eye. It might look like an office space and be business like, it could be a living room setting, or even a beach. You might want to set flowers up on the table, light candles, and bring along a drink. Whatever you choose for your space is what will make it comfortable for you to share in. Sit down in your space and invite in your guest. This exercise can really even be done with someone who is still in the living. Do you have some unresolved issues or things that you need to get off your chest? Take the matters into your own hands by sharing in your own space and terms. Now go ahead and share with them all of what you are feeling, this is your time to talk. When you have finished saying everything you have to say switch perspectives. Accept what comes in, don’t judge. In the past when I have done the psychic conversations with people in the living I am always surprised to see how the energy shifts around the situation. I have even experienced a person in the living calling me to apologize after having called them into my space. Now not always will your experience be what you had hoped for, but listen it never hurts to try. Think of how much better you will feel when you just let it all out!

Remember death is not a goodbye it just might be your beginning.

All my blessings to you and my deepest sympathies. xx

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