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Angels Among Us

Do you believe in Angels? Have you ever had an experience with an Angel?

I can’t seem to recall the day that I had my first thought, questioned, or dreamt of an angel. However, I can say that as long as I can remember, I have always believed in angels. I love hearing and reading stories of peoples experiences with angels. Each story always seems so unique, so powerful, so inspiring, and so very up-lifting.

The word Angel comes from the Greek word Angelos, meaning “messenger.” Angels are found in various forms of religion. Some Angels are stated to have wings and halos, to resemble humans, and are to be classified somewhere between God and a man.

It is very likely you have heard the famous song ‘ Angels Among Us’ sung by Alabama. It is one of my personal favorites. As this song states, “ Angels, come to us in our darkest hours.” I believe in that so very much. I believe, indeed, they come to us in dark hours, in healing, and yet in celebrations. Angels, can communicate in several ways with us if we are open to the experience. Including using others as a means to reach us in all of those moments.

“Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by so doing some have entertained angels unaware. “ – Hebrews 13:2

Have you ever had a really bad day, yet you found a message meant for you in a strangers story? How about something you came across laying right in front of you, at the most perfect timing? An accident that you somehow survived and although you didn’t see anyone you felt a great presence? An unexpected hug from a stranger, in a time you did or didn’t feel like you needed? A cold stray dog outside your door, you new you must rescue? There are so many scenarios where an Angel may have stepped into your life. Take some time to reflect, can you see a time in your life an Angel stepped in?

Looking back on my childhood I can recall an encounter with an Angel. My beloved cat had gone missing, I new within my heart that she was not coming back. I had felt her gone with my entire being. She had crossed over. I was sitting on my front porch, mourning my sweet cat, when I noticed a stranger coming down the street. This man was riding an older style bicycle, dressed in 70’s styled clothes and he had brown hair. Looking back, I can’t recall the details of the man’s face very well, but I can recall the feelings he brought me that day. This man stopped dead in his tracks at the street corners edge. He was just canny cornered from my front porch, holding up his bicycle between his legs. The man looks at me and he says, “ I’m so sorry about your cat.“ Now, I have never seen this man in my entire life, and as a child of the 80’s we new everyone in a two to four block radius from where we lived, in every direction. In that moment I had been so lonely. I had felt so lost. I couldn’t seem to comprehend how everyone in my entire house seemed to be going about their lives. Yet, I was here in this grief, wallowing in my misery, alone and so sad. Sitting on my front porch that day, I was angry at my family, and I was angry at my cat. Somehow, this stranger knew, stopping at the very moment that I needed someone to understand, someone to hear me, to comfort me. He says the one thing that I needed to hear the most, “I’m so sorry about your cat.” I remember to be in a state of ‘huh’? I had so many questions, did you kill my cat, who are you, where did you come from, and how do you know that? It all seemed to happen so quickly, I could not even form the words to one of these sentences. This stranger, this Angel, was showing me compassion, sympathy, and understanding in just a few simple words. I remember looking at him in disbelief. I was thinking, processing, and watching him as he started on his bike once again. I can only recall watching him make it to the next half of block, and he simply disappeared, just like that.

I knew in my heart, even at that young age, that man was an Angel. The moment was so surreal, so timely, and so matter of fact. This filled me with hope, in some very dark hours. Although I was still sad, it seemed easier to pick myself up. It was a moment in my life that had left a huge impact. I will never forget this Angel, my messenger.

Since, that day I have had handfuls of other encounters. I would call them angelic encounters. Even situations in which I just barred witness too. I recall sitting on a bench at a park with my husband one day when our children were playing. A little girl who looked to be about three years old was walking with her father up to the park to play. As she was walking she made eye contact with my husband. As fast as this little girl could run, she ran away from her father and up to my husband. This little cutie crawled up into my husbands lap and gave him a huge hug. It happened so fast my husband just reacted with the same love and admiration as she did with him. It was as if their souls new one another and was having a moment. Just maybe this little Angel knew exactly what my husband needed. Her daddy ran to catch up with apologizing over and over for his daughter’s behavior. This man said he had never seen his daughter do such a thing.

Sometimes we can encounter Angels within ourselves. I will never forget this experience I had. One day I was doing a meditation, I happened to be sitting in my car at a park. Taking a few minutes of quiet time; I closed my eyes and began to just let go. It had been a rough week. I was feeling so worn out, exhausted from all my motherhood and wifely duties. If you are familiar with meditation you might understand that you get to a point where everything just sort of fades away. Before you know it you are looking in your minds eye, just taking notice of all things. I start focusing on a bench where an Angel surronded in white light was sitting. I did not need anyone to tell me this was an Angel, it is something I just knew. I felt so humbled by the Angels presence I found myself wanting to kneel in front of the bench. I was overcome with emotion, thankfulness, and gratitude. All of these emotions seemed to pour out of me like tea from a kettle. I could not look directly at this Angel. Somehow in the few moments that I was knelt before this beautiful being, I knew I was getting a refill of my cup. It was a warm welcome, a spiritual hug, and a you got this girl, keep going. It was a gift, a beautiful experience, and an acknowledgement of my own spiritual self.

I encourage you to take a look around at your past experiences, have you ever been touched by an Angel encounter?

I would love to hear your stories if you feel like sharing with me!

I wish you well!

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