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Have you heard of psychometry?

Psychometry is the act of reading residual energy that is left behind amongst a physical object. Everything in life holds a vibration. All living things are vibrating with life force energy. Inanimate objects as well have a vibration. Though these objects vibrate more subtle than that of plants, animals, and people.

When a medium is practicing psychometry they are tuning into the frequencies of an object and the residual energy that surrounds that object. As a psychic medium we can tune into an objects history by simply touching it. How amazing is that! When the medium merges their energy with that of the objects, information, impressions, and details can be perceived through his/her senses.

When we practice psychometry we get to see past our physical eyes and instead submerge into the vibrational frequencies in which surrounds everything. All things new or old is building its very own unique story. I find it fascinating that by holding ones generational holiday plate for instance can tell you a story of its very own. The persons who made that plate, sold, bought, and passed it on from person to person has played a role building up that vibrational frequency it now holds. Imagine all the stories that you could tap into.

As objects, places, can also be filled with residual energy. So often people will perceive these places to be haunted. However, its typically more so that this place holds residual energy from the events that took place there. We are able to access and tap into the energy that resides amongst places just as we do for objects. Once you have trained yourself well in psychometry you can truly make a difference in the world. Mediums can use the psychometry ability to help find missing persons and animals. I would encourage you to be well trained before getting involved. However, once trained you could be of remarkable aid.

If you are wanting to practice your psychometry skills let the antique shops, museums, and places of history become your playground. Also you can turn to friends and family to share with you an object that you know nothing about in advance. Below I have included for you a psychometry exercise for you to follow and practice with. Give it a try and see how well you do.


  1. Find a partner to work with and a quiet place to work. Ask your partner to bring along an item of importance to the session. If you are both planning to practice together you as well bring a special item.

  2. Sit across from one another in a relaxed, comfortable position. Set your hands upon your lap with your palms facing up and ask your partner to place the item in your hand. Only do this exercise with one object and one person at a time.

  3. When you have the object in your hand you will need to set your intention to connect with this objects energy and that of which surrounds it. You can say this out loud or inside yourself. We can set our intention with a prayer or an affirmation, whatever is right for you. You may wish to close your eyes or to keep them open, go with what feels most comfortable for you. Be open to receive any impressions that are delivered to your senses.

  4. You will want to voice to your partner anything and everything that you are receiving. Impressions may come to you by images, thoughts, feelings, or a knowing. Also you may pick up on a taste or a smell that you did not have prior to beginning this work. Sometimes when we are tuning into an object we hear clairaudiently within ourselves. No matter what you receive and perceive, your job will be to share it with your partner. What might not make sense to you may be very significant to your partner.

  5. When you have given everything that you received to your partner. Give thanks to the object and your partner for sharing with you. We always want to share our gratitude when doing any spiritual work. Lastly, ask your partner for some detailed feedback.

The more that you practice this exercise the better you will become at receiving the information and relaying it. If you visit somewhere that has a lot of history, try to pick up on things before doing any reading or research on what it is that you are examining. When you have picked up all that you can without looking, see how well you did.

Always remember as you go on to do this work that you are only human. We will make mistakes along the way, that is how we grow. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and be a student of the universe. If you are interested in growing your intuitive abilities, I would love to see you in one of my spiritual courses. You can click the following course links to access them: Awakening & Understanding Your Intuition and Expanding Your Intuition.

Thank you for stopping by!

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