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How do I know if it is spiritual guidance I am receiving?

Am I actually receiving spiritual guidance?

How do I know that I am in the presence of spirit?

Are we sure this is not just my ego that I am connecting with?

I hear you. These are all great questions. Let’s see if I can help to clear up any confusion or doubts that you have been having. One of the very first things I tell my students is we must learn to trust. Spirit has only our humanistic means to connect with us which includes your senses so you must be realistic about your expectations. Trusting that when you do receive that it is truly an act of spirit and not your imagination. Below take a look at the following two lists so that you can start to recognize what is coming from you and what is coming from that of spirit.

I am not connected when:

  • I feel disconnected

  • I feel a sense of urgency

  • I am amongst drama

  • It feels forced

  • I am discouraged

  • I am in doubt

  • I am not in alignment

  • I am feeling unloved

  • I am feeling unappreciated

  • I am feeling unworthy

  • I am feeling unsafe

I am connected when:

  • I feel loved

When we are connected to spirit, to our guides, or even our higher selves it will always come from a place of love.

  • My vibration speeds up

You will feel a sense of ‘I am in the energy’. You may feel jittery or tingly. You may feel anxious to listen, process, or to even speak up.

  • I feel at peace

As you are connected you are in a state of peace. Typically it will accompany a feeling of being content and accomplished.

  • I feel a part of it all

When you are in the presence of spirit and loved so unconditionally you will feel a part of it all. You will hold a sense of great purpose.

  • I feel safe and secure

Often times we are put at ease when spirit steps into our space.

  • I feel a presence

You are connected when you no longer feel alone.

  • I feel inspired

As you are in the presence of spirit you feel moved, happy, and enthusiastic.

  • I receive impressions

When you receive impressions that seem to come from outside of you not from yourself, you are connected. Typically there is a wisdom, guidance, direction that comes to you with love not from a place of ego. We interpret spirits communication with us through our spiritual senses. You may smell, hear, see on your inner screen, know, or feel something without conscious reasoning.


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I would love to hear from you. To connect with me reach out by email at

Lots of Love — Cathleen xx

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