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I Am Grieving — No One Has Died

You are feeling grief but yet no one around you has died. I get it. I hear you. We don’t have to have suffered a loss of such magnitude to experience grief.

During your lifetime you can experience over forty different kinds of losses that can produce feelings of grief.

Too often people think of grief as being associated with death, divorce, and pet loss. Truth be told we can grieve so many more losses.

Have you ever experienced a loss of trust, a loss of safety, loss of security, loss of control, loss of fertility, or even loss of hopes, dreams, and expectations?

If so you may be grieving one of these other major forty losses we can experience in life.

No matter what loss you have suffered, your feelings are real and they are valid. Absolutely nothing is wrong with you.

If you are someone who has lost your job, been dealt a breakup, was impacted financially, or suffered a loss of health, you may be grieving. Let’s say that you are a women who has wanted nothing more than to have children of your very own but you found out recentlly that you are infertile. All of your dreams, hopes, and expectations for your future has now shifted; causing heartbreak and grief. When a person suffers from mental, physical, sexual abuse, or assault they often are left feeling unsafe; causing feelings of grief.

No matter what is causing you that heartbreak, pain, or limiting your capacity for happiness in your life. There are action steps that you can take right now to help set you free.

So many times people are taught to deal with their emotions by intellectual means. In return it leaves them more hurt and confused then ever before. Instead of keeping all of this buried inside of you, try releasing your unmet hopes, dreams, and expectations with the tools that have been proven to work. Those tools can be found within the Grief Recovery Method® and have helped thousands of people to heal their broken hearts.

Want to learn more? Please check out my article on Grief & Recovery .

We do not have to walk alone in our grief. If you want to learn more about grief recovery, please reach out to me. I would be honored to take this journey with you. Cathleen xx Email:

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