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Level Up Your Vibration

10 Easy ways to change how you step out into the world.


We emit vibes within every single thing that we do. Our vibration is the imprint we give out at any given moment. One's vibration is a direct reflection of their state of being.

Vibration is the one thing in this life that we do have complete control over.

We are born with the intuitive knowledge and awareness that can easily sense another's vibes. Some people draw you near them while others you can't escape fast enough. Have you ever been in a great mood and then run into someone who is having a rotten day? Did you notice how their vibes immediately affected yours?

The energy we put out into the world impacts us physically, emotionally, and mentally. Also the environment we find ourselves in and the people we surround ourselves with are the biggest influencers on our personal frequencies.

Intuitively we know, feel, and sense another's energy. Knowing and understanding how energy of others can influence oneself should be all it takes to be more conscious of the energy that you are sending out into the world.

"Everything in life is vibration" - Albert Einstein

When our vibration is low it presents itself as heavy and dark. Look back at a time you were angry, fearful, anxious, or distraught. How does that vibe compare to a time that you were joyful, centered, passionate, caring, or grateful? At times of higher vibration we come off as airy, vibrant, light, and we draw others to us.

"What you are attracting into your physical reality is the best indicator for your vibrational state." - Pamela Savino

Everything in the world holds a vibration. In fact quantum physics describes the universe as nothing more than vibrating strings of energy. Some things will naturally vibrate higher while others will vibrate at a lower frequency. Uniquely we can change and shift the way in which we vibrate. If you are someone who is spiritually developing and practicing you will particularly want to pay attention to your vibrations.

If you are on your spiritual journey, please, note that it is of a higher state of being in which we can connect with spirit. As well your vibration plays a vital role in your mental and physical well being. Also, those who we attract into our lives are typically a direct result of our personal vibration. The laws of attraction will be amplified when you become conscious and aware of your state of being; not to mention your spiritual practice will greatly be influenced.

So how do we begin living from a higher state of being? Start following these ten ways listed below and change your vibration today.

Love - Live from a place of love. We can send love to all living and non-living things. When you are in a state of love, nothing dark can reside.

Gratitude - Try feeling grateful for something in your life. If you are feeling grateful for the food on the table this evening it is near impossible to have a negative thought about that same food. Live from a place of gratefulness in everything that surrounds you and see how this immediately shifts your frequency.

Give - Have you ever donated your time, gave to charity, or supported a cause? Did you take notice of how that made you feel? This warm feeling you get and happiness is illuminating. It fills you from the inside out. Live from a place of generosity to raise your vibration.

Substances - Put down the tobacco, drugs, and alcohol. Especially do this if you are on a spiritual quest. Substances will lower your vibration and impair your abilities. Live substance free if you want to reach the highest of vibrations.

Nature - Keeping yourself grounded and one with nature will surely keep you viben high. Not only will this impact your spiritual work as you connect with Mother Earth but you will also get in some healthy exercise. This one goes full circle so be sure to live from a place of connectivity.

Reiki - You can never go wrong from the powerful benefits of healing energies. If you have never experienced a reiki healing be sure to give this one a try. The loving healing energies can be received right from the comforts of your home. Distant reiki healing sessions are as effective as in-person sessions. Live from a place of light work to keep your energies high.

Meditation - When we meditate we can ease stress and anxieties. Also we get to know ourselves at the deepest soul level. Meditation will impact your spiritual vibration and how you step foot out into the world. Let meditation be your foundation to the way in which you live life.

Healthy Eating - Be mindful of the foods that you choose to eat. Healthy eating will absolutely raise your vibrations and increase your energy. Live from a place of health to see and feel all the amazing energetic benefits.

Music & Dance - Our music choices are powerful. If we choose sad music to listen to our frequency will likely decrease. Yet, choose something that is inspiring, motivating, and uplifting and quickly our energy matches that of the music. Dancing also has the ability to uplift us. When we dance it releases endorphins, gets our hearts pumping, and rids the body of any residing stress. Live life with music in your hearts and rhythm in your feet.

Thoughts - If you are always thinking negatively you will be living within that vibration. When we are fearful, angry, sad, hopeless, or discouraged we are amidst that frequency. Putting out such vibes into the world will only attract more of the same to you. It is very important that you put out the same vibration that you want to attract. Check yourself the next time you have a bad attitude coming on. Be kind, gentle, and loving to yourself. If you need a break from someone or something that is holding you down; be sure to take it. You must be your own advocate. Soon with loving, positive, and gentle thoughts the universe will start sending that back to you. Live your life with uplifting thoughts and soon your vibration will attract back to you all that you wish to radiate.


Blessings to you!!

Cathleen xx

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