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Sometimes we need a little Guidance

Let your intuition be your guide

Our intuitions are an amazing tool. Each of us are equipped, not one of us has something that the other does not have.

Sometimes life is so busy and so hectic that we forget how amazing we truly are. How connected we are to everything around us, in this beautiful world. If you have landed here with me, it’s not by some coincidence. You are here for a reason, most likely because consciously or unconsciously you’ve been asking for some direction, help, or guidance.

So for today, I ask that you let down your ego and be here in this moment with me. Something led you here and we have to trust in that, for today. Also, bigger then me, I have felt nudged to start and write this new publication. So two of us brought here together, for reason, purpose, and spiritual connection. Let’s trust together in that.

I can’t seem to remember the last time that I pulled cards for someone. It’s not that I have never found it helpful to others, enjoyment, pleasure, or my own guidance from it, not that at all. I’d say its more so that I to have been busy, cluttered with life’s daily obstacles, focused on new teaching projects, and growing in other ways.

So it’s as simple as that, here we are, you looking for guidance and I being the intuitive teacher that gets to help you on your journey. Welcome! It is a pleasure to meet you and I am truly humbled that you are here. I think it is only appropriate that I introduce myself. Click here to read more about me.

If you have never had an oracle card pulled for you or a reading done for you, it is perfectly okay. I will share with you quickly how this will work and then let you get on with your day, putting your guidance into action.

I will pull 3 cards for you. You will see them pictured below. I want you to take a few deep centering breaths, all while relaxing your busy mind and body. When you feel present, centered, and relaxed, look at the picture and pick the card you feel drawn too. Typically, the card that you have zeroed in on first will be the winner, winner, chicken dinner! Sometimes when we start to second guess ourselves, we regret it. If you feel drawn to more then one card, that’s okay too, read about them both. If you don't feel drawn to any of the cards, no worries. It just might mean that today these cards, might not be your cards, and you should check back again soon. Okay, ready, here we go!

Choose Card 1, 2, or 3 .... From left to right

If you were called to card 1 this is the card of Appreciation. This card is associated with family, collective, society, and community. With this card we are reminded that we must show appreciation in all things. We are a part of the great big collective of everything. No matter how well things are going for you, do not forget where you came from, and who has helped you along the way. Even for the smallest of things, take the time to send love and appreciation. Recognize your need for others and the contributions they share with you. Your message: “Be responsible for your part in the great scheme of things.”

If you are pulled to card 2 this is the card of Denial. This card is associated with confusion, distortions, ignorance, and compromise. Are you ignoring some situations around you so that you can pretend everything is A okay? Your guides ask you to get honest with yourself. What are the true problems that you are facing? We cannot heal until we get honest with ourselves and the situation or relationship. Is your partner having an affair, your child not holding a job, or your husband struggling with a drug addiction? Also, it is extremely important to recognize if it is yourself that needs to be honest with your own fears, addictions, excuses, or failures. Your soul, your heart, knows the truth, as well as those who surround you. It is time for you to check your realities. We only do more damage then good when we live with blinders on and deny the heart of the issue. The message for you today is: “Take off those blinders, and be open to the truth about others and yourself. Only then can you learn and grow past problems.”

If you set yourself on card 3 your card is that of truth. This particular card is associated with honesty, clarity, discipline, and intellect. It is time to look objectively at your life, without letting your emotions get in the way. Take a look at your past and then take a look at your present. Are certain situations or things making you feel uncomfortable, at this time? Is something challenging your ethics? You must be honest with yourself and those around you, do not pretend to be someone that you are not. You are being guided to be true to who you are, not only for yourself but for others. Give yourself permission to share your perceptions with those who are around you. If for example you are spending to much money and not budgeting, over eating, or drinking excessively. Time to get real with yourself and check in, what is the problem at hand? When we stop and look at the problem objectively, without blame or without the emotions we make room for the hard, cold truth. What is the problem? Who is the problem? It is at that time we can begin to look for the real solution and what we can do to get to the outcome we so deserve. The message here for you is, “Look for the truth behind appearances.” Carl Jung, once said, “When the diagnosis is correct, the healing begins.” Thank you for joinning me today! I am so glad that we crossed paths and I truly hope you took something away from being here with me.

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Many Blessings to you, Cathleen xx

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